3 Rexes has been designing Medieval treasures for over 15 years!

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Every design in the collection is sculpted, molded, and cast exclusively for the 3 Rexes line.

The 3 Rexes Jewelry Collection is the creation of fine artist Tara, a native Californian with a profound interest in spiritually oriented art. Drawing from her classical training as an oil painter and her deep knowledge of Art History, Tara weaves together the mystical styles of cultures that have endured through the ages.

A play on the Latin translation of 3 Kings, 3 Rexes symbolizes the wisdom and beauty of all cultures. These jeweled treasures adorn the body and represent the Spirit, transforming everyday objects into living symbols of Beauty and the Spirit within!

Travel through the Medieval Dark Ages, Ancient Ireland, and back to the Present. Each piece of jewelry emanates subtle details from the mystical past.

3 Rexes Jewelry designer taragreer and her triptych painting