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Jewelry is one of the most important additions to any look. Your accessories are what ties your style together; so why should you let it be ordinary? 3 Rexes offers beautiful, unique Gothic Jewelry for every occasion! Whether you need a Gothic wedding ring, a Medieval-style necklace, a stylish promise ring, or just a cool new piece of jewelry to show off - we've got an option for you. Our jewelry comes in many different materials including silver and bronze, and we offer gemstones in almost every color including green, blue, black, red, purple, and more. Take your gothic style to the next level with 3 Rexes!


If you’re looking for a unique ring that is anything but ordinary, our Gothic Rings are for you. The unique designs and beautiful detailing on each of our Gothic Rings will ensure that your ring is stylish while also being special and sentimental. Because of our antiquing process and careful stone selection, no two rings are alike - meaning that you will have a beautiful ring like no other. No fairytale queen's jewelry box is complete without a Gothic ring from 3 Rexes!


Our Gothic Necklaces will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe! Our Gothic Necklaces and pendants are offered in a variety of metals and styles including sterling silver and antiqued bronze. The quality of our necklaces and the antiquing process means that no two necklaces are exactly alike; you can wear your 3 Rexes Gothic necklace with pride knowing that you are getting the best quality Gothic jewelry.

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