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Silver Octopus Dream Ring

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Magical like the Ocean, the silver Octopus Dream ring has two magical eyes, 8 whimsical legs and a textured band that is sprinkled with a countless number of studs.

.925 Sterling Silver
Front Measures about 1 1/4" or 32mm tall
Back band is about 1/4" 5mm-6mm tall
Stone color & antiquing will vary. No two are alike!
3 Rexes ring box included (may vary)

Ring Disclosure, Please Read:
1. Semi-precious stones are not hard like diamonds
2. Sterling silver is softer than 14kt & 18kt gold
3. Make 100% sure on your ring size
4. Antiquing and stone color will vary

Silver Octopus Ring Gallery
silver-octopus-ring-with ruby stones january birthstone
silver-octopus-dream-rings-green-blue-red-black-cabochon-stone-eyes-studded-band by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-red-garnet-stone-eyes-studded-band january birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-red-garnet-stone-eyes-studded-band-hand-detail january birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-purple-amethyst-stone-eyes-studded-band february birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-green-peridot-stone-eyes-studded-band august birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-green-peridot-stone-eyes-studded-band-side-detail august birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-green-peridot-cabochon-stone-eyes-studded-band august birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-green-peridot-cabochon-stone-eyes-studded-band-side-detail august birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-garnet-and-black-onyx-stone-eyes-ad by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-blue-topaz-stone-eyes-studded-band december birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-blue-topaz-stone-eyes-studded-band-side-detail december birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-eyes-studded-band gothic by 3 rexes jewelry
silver-octopus-dream-ring-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-eyes-studded-band-side-detail gothic by 3 rexes jewelry

28 Reviews

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    octopus ring

    Posted by Marley's

    Lovely green-eyed dream octopus ring! I have had it on my wish list for ages, now I finally got one for myself. Fits perfectly on the finger it was intended for.A very unique piece, beautifully crafted.Also great service . Thank you, Tara!

  • 5
    Silver Octopus Dream Ring Red Garnet Cabochon Eyes Size 9.5

    Posted by Kara Sanger


  • 5
    Oh My GOSH! GORGEOUS and unique and awesome!

    Posted by Lisa W.

    Seller is truly an artist with this wonderful jewelry! I am in complete love with my octopus ring! The communication level with seller was awesome and I got the ring so quickly-literally ordered on Monday evening and it was at my house Wednesday morning! I am shopping again!
    LISA W

  • 5
    Oh my GOD!

    Posted by Laurel B.

    This little guy is so, so gorgeous. Don't hesitate to buy jewelry from Tara, she's an amazing artist and so, so gracious. She resized this little dude for me so he won't fall off my finger. I can't stop staring at him.

  • 5
    Quick and Beautiful!

    Posted by Josh

    It's beautiful and extremely well made, my girlfriend is going to love it!It's beautiful and extremely well made, my girlfriend is going to love it! I ordered this ring with blue topaz eyes. They were very accommodating and processed my order quickly and efficiently.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown

    Christmas gift for my 22 year old daughter. She will love it!!!!

  • 5
    5 stars

    Posted by sglenney

    5 stars

  • 5
    Octopus Ring Green Peridot Stone Eyes

    Posted by Cindy Bray

    What an amazing ring. I love it. Just beautiful workmanship.

  • 5
    Silver Octopus Dream Ring Black Onyx Cabochon Eyes

    Posted by Unknown


  • 5
    Silver Octopus Dream Ring

    Posted by Paula

    Extremely happy with this purchase. Highly recommend your craftsmanship. Thanks.

  • 5
    Octopus ring

    Posted by Unknown

    Amazing quality and design! Really great, friendly and accommodating seller who deserves a 12/10 in regards to everything they do involving their product and especially their customer service! Thank you so much!

  • 5
    This ring is amazing!

    Posted by Alex

    This ring is amazing! Great quality and great customer service!!!!