Bronze Necklace

Brass and Bronze Necklace

If you're looking to give a unique gift or want a beautiful bronze necklace for yourself, at 3 Rexes we offer a wide assortment of timeless Bronze necklaces for any occasion! These necklaces are unique in that they are Gothic- and Medieval-inspired styles that are sure to leave an impression. We aren't just limited to one type of necklace; in addition to standard silver pendants, we offer fun and unique chokers and dainty chains. Bronze necklaces are becoming more and more popular because they provide an effortlessly elegant look with an edge.

Our brass and bronze necklaces are each uniquely antiqued, so no two necklaces are exactly alike, ensuring that your piece from 3 Rexes is special and of the highest quality. Each bronze necklace is antiqued in way that achieves deep and rich colors, which can range from dark olive browns to highlights of luscious yellow and reds. There may also be tiny hints of green verdigris, with the raw brass peeking through in some areas. No matter which pendant you choose, you can be confident that you are getting a Gothic brass necklace like no other!

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