Gothic Wedding Rings

Has your love always had an eerie kind of synchronicity? Your spark is unparalleled, and things just happen around you two. You start to think that “Maybe there’s something to this Law of Attraction thing.”
Gothic wedding rings are distinctive like you two, timeless, mysterious, intricate, and maybe a little dark. Gothic style rings are not for everyone, but you’re not just anyone, are you? No. Certain styles trend from decade to decade and Gothic styles are more popular than others at times but always remain timeless
Why Gothic Wedding Rings?
Consider the infinity symbol (basically, it’s the number 8). One loop is your ring, and the other loop belonging to your partner. The wedding ring is the symbol of your unconditional, unique love, respect and commitment to each other. You shouldn’t buy a ring for the sake of it but its symbolism of love. Select Gothic wedding rings to stand in salute of your union.
As you come together, you want a wedding ring that symbolizes your commitment but also shows off your distinct personalities. You are elegant and edgy in your way. Gothic styles have a way of capturing the essence of ages past, which makes them both timeless and unique. Gothic style wedding rings are also bold and fun, and they make for great conversation starters by the way they stand out. Gothic styles don’t blend in with “normal” wedding bands.
Men’s Wedding Rings
Traditionally, wedding rings for women get all the glory of expression, but what about men? Most men’s wedding rings are plain and simple, and men are far from that stereotype. 3 Rexes wedding rings demonstrate the personalities of all, whether you prefer a Celtic or Moorish style of Gothic wedding rings.
Gothic silver studs surround three mystical stones on the 3 Kings Wedding Ring, symbolizing gold, myrrh and frankincense.The 3 Kings ring is inspired by the wedding rings worn by Medieval Royalty. Each ring is .925 sterling silver featuring three stones. The 3 Kings ring is a ‘very’ thick and wide ring, so you want to make sure you know your size for a wide and thick ring vs a thin band. We usually suggest 1/2 -3/4 larger from a thin band ring size. Stone color and antiquing vary, which makes each ring unique to the wearer, always!
The Celtic Knot Silver Soul Ring is heavily inspired by the ancient Celts and their timeless spiritual traditions. The front band measures just under ⅜ inches tall x 1/16 inches thick and features one square-cut stone. Symbolizing eternity and love, the Celtic knot weaves a continuous path, with no beginning or end. The Gaelic words ‘Anam Gra’ are inscribed inside the band, meaning Soul Love. Magical and substantial, this solid silver band ring can be worn by both Kings & Queens
The unisex Moorish Gothic One Stone Ring channels the the Medieval wedding rings worn by Royalty in a .925 sterling silver band, just under ⅜ inches tall x 1/16 inches thick, with one square-cut stone. Whether you are a Lord or Lady, this elegant band can be worn by all who wish to rule the kingdom.
Women’s Wedding Rings
Tired of seeing the same old traditions in women’s wedding rings and stepping in the same old picture-perfect footsteps? Tradition is important, but on your big day, you have every right to have your personal expression to symbolize your personal joy.
The Brandy Wine Medieval Crown Ring is composed of two square stones and two round cabochons in .925 sterling silver. This silver ring transports you to the Medieval past in a whirl of Brandy Wine where you walk the estates of your sovereignty with grace and in glory. Return to your castle, rest by a mystical fire and sip up hot brandy wine with your beloved. The stones and antiquing differ in each ring, making it unique to each Queen.
The Princess Love Gothic Engagement Ring has three enchanting stones surrounded by two serpentine hearts, uniting into one silver studded band. By combining the feminine and Medieval, the Princess Love ring is perfect for that lady with a sweet yet cutting edge style!
The Silver Raven Love Ring comes as a .925 sterling silver band, with ⅝ inch thick sides and ⅛ in wide back. A large, dazzlingly gem nests atop two serpentine hearts and is hemmed in by silver studding. Harkening back to the Medieval fairy tale, the Raven Love Ring will whisk you way to a magical evening in far away lands.
Wedding Ring Materials
The metal types and stones that make up your ring enhance the meaning of your connection depending on what you choose. Both sterling silver and bronze produce beautiful, high-quality rings.
Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver which means it contains a combination of 92.5% of silver (in weight) and 7.5% of silver (in weight) via other metals, usually copper. The fineness of sterling silver is therefore 925.

Bronze is also an alloy, containing many metals. The primary combination includes copper (usually 88%) and tin (usually 12%). Pure copper itself is not durable since its natural state is too soft, and the addition of the other metal makes the ring strong. Bronze was forged 3000 years ago. Its durability motivated humans to use in construction, warfare and other industries. This makes bronze a strong choice for a love that lasts through the ages.

Colored Gemstones
Gothic wedding rings offer unique bands for even more unique stone options. Your options for stones are as wide as the rainbow:
nurturing, abundant, natural
calm, deep as the sea, dreamy as the sky
calm, deep as the sea, dreamy as the sky
passionate, daring, enduring
comforting, encompassing, sharing secrets and intimacy
comforting, encompassing, sharing secrets and intimacy
innocence, deep sharing
sovereignty, flawless, fierce

Gothic symbols within the subculture are quite unique and eclectic, being comprised of Christian, Celtic, Moorish and ancient Egyptian components, among others. Durable bronze and sterling silver capture the ancient beauty and elegance of the ages and your bond. These rings remain attractive after decades of wear and affordable to express the individuality of both self and union. 
Questions? Tell us your story, and we’ll find the perfect ring for you.