Raven Love Brass Wedding Ring Blue Copper Turquoise

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The Raven Love ring features one very large magical stone. Framed by intricate scroll-work and two fluid serpentine hearts, this sparkling gem is eloquently united into one studded band. Echoing the Medieval Fairy Tale, the Raven Love ring will transport you to a land far, far away!

Please note: Although comfortable to wear, the Rave Love ring has a very large stone, so it can be a bit top heavy. Consider a snug fit!

From my 3 Rexes Relic line!

Reconstructed 10mm blue copper turquoise stone, cabochon cut

1 square 10mm (about 3/8") stone
Stone sits about 8mm high
Side hearts / band is 5/8" wide - back band is 3mm (1/8") wide
Stone color & antiquing will vary. No two are alike!
Antiqued brass (see below for info & care)
3 Rexes box included (may vary)

INFO & CARE: I antiqued this brass ring using a turn of the century technique called fuming. I'm able to achieve deep rich colors, which can range from dark olive browns to highlights of luscious yellow and reds. There may also be tiny hints of green verdigris, with the raw brass peeking through in some areas! I then buffed the ring with a jewelers grade museum quality wax. This wax will "help" preserve the color and patina. The color may slowly change over time... herein lies the mystical beauty of this natural process called oxidation. PATINA CARE: Please avoid harsh chemicals, soaps, sweating, hot water, etc., as this may remove the wax sealer.

ATTN Please Read Disclosure:
1. Antiquing & stone color will vary
2. The brass patina can change over time
3. Please be sure on your ring size for a wide band
4. Semi precious stones are not hard like diamonds
5. Please make sure you are fine with brass before purchasing. Brass is alloyed with copper so it can cause skin discoloration in a certain percentage of the population. As with any metal (brass, silver & gold), discoloration can be caused by the pH level in your body. There are products that you can purchase to seal the jewelry (similar to clear nail polish). Please contact me for recommendations.

Please ask all questions prior to purchase, thanks!

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