Raven Love Silver Wedding Ring

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The Silver Raven Love ring features one large Magical stone. Framed by intricate scroll-work and two fluid serpentine hearts, this sparkling gem is eloquently united into one studded band. Echoing the Medieval Fairy Tale, the Raven Love ring will transport you to a land far, far away!

Please note: The Raven Love is a large cocktail ring, and although comfortable to wear, the Raven Love ring has a large stone, so it can be a bit top heavy. Consider a snug fit!

.925 Sterling Silver
10mm (about 3/8") square cut stone
Stone sits about 8mm high
Side hearts / band is 5/8" wide
Back band is 3mm (1/8") wide
Stone color and antiquing will vary. No two are alike!
3 Rexes ring box included (may vary)

Ring Disclosure, Please Read:
1. Semi-precious stones are not hard like diamonds
2. Sterling silver is softer than 14kt and 18kt gold
3. Make 100% sure on your ring size
4. Antiquing and stone color will vary

Raven Love Ring Gallery
raven-love-wedding-ring-blue-topaz-stone-model-detail december birthstone
raven-love-silver-wedding-rings-gothic-stone-medieval-engagement-bands-by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-green-peridot-stone-model-detail by 3 rexes Jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-green-peridot-stone-model-detail-august birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-white-cz-stone-medieval-band-model wearing a large cocktail statement promise ring
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band february birthstone large cocktail ring with a statement
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band-on model cocktail statement rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model large cocktail statement rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band-in-box coctail and statement rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-green-peridot-stone-medieval-engagement-band August birthstone rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-green-peridot-stone-medieval-engagement-band-side-view august birthstone rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-studded january birthstone rings and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-5 raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-4raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-5 raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-3 january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-2 january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band-side-view cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band-side-view-2 cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-ring-medieval-blue-topaz-stone-side-detail december birthstone rings
raven-love-silver-ring-medieval-blue-topaz-stone-gothic-studs december birthstone by 3rexes jewelry
womans gothic rings silver raven-love-ring-blue-topaz-stone-on-black
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36 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by The Dude on 1st Feb 2024

    I'm a guy and I wear this on my pinkie finger. It gets attention from the ladies!

  • 5
    show stopper

    Posted by Anthony on 17th Oct 2023

    pinky ring for kings

  • 5
    Been eying for a year!

    Posted by Megan M on 21st Sep 2023

    Finally, I made the purchase I've been waiting...... what feels like forever. I am so satisfied with this beautiful piece of art, I had to come back and tell you! Now that I know the quality is top notch, I'm off looking and the scarab necklace, or maybe a crown ring.

  • 5
    this ring is everything

    Posted by K K on 3rd May 2023

    The raven is my Magick ring that I CANNOT leave the home without Period!

  • 5
    I'm a man, lol

    Posted by Chris on 8th Apr 2023

    I have bought two rings from 3 rexes. They were the men's style. I came back for something a little flashy, and I decided to purchase the Raven ring in a size 8 for my pinkie. I chose the purple amethyst stone. I can't express how amazed I am. The Raven has a vampuric look of a regal count. I can't count the number of compliments and intrigued people asking about my ring. The stone is luscious purple and the quality of the silver is top. The design is unlike anything out there. 10 stars! I am a fan for life.

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