Raven Love Silver Wedding Ring

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The Silver Raven Love ring features one large Magical stone. Framed by intricate scroll-work and two fluid serpentine hearts, this sparkling gem is eloquently united into one studded band. Echoing the Medieval Fairy Tale, the Raven Love ring will transport you to a land far, far away!

Please note: The Raven Love is a large cocktail ring, and although comfortable to wear, the Raven Love ring has a large stone, so it can be a bit top heavy. Consider a snug fit!

.925 Sterling Silver
10mm (about 3/8") square cut stone
Stone sits about 8mm high
Side hearts / band is 5/8" wide
Back band is 3mm (1/8") wide
Stone color and antiquing will vary. No two are alike!
3 Rexes ring box included (may vary)

Ring Disclosure, Please Read:
1. Semi-precious stones are not hard like diamonds
2. Sterling silver is softer than 14kt and 18kt gold
3. Make 100% sure on your ring size
4. Antiquing and stone color will vary

Raven Love Ring Gallery
raven-love-wedding-ring-blue-topaz-stone-model-detail december birthstone
raven-love-silver-wedding-rings-gothic-stone-medieval-engagement-bands-by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-green-peridot-stone-model-detail by 3 rexes Jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-green-peridot-stone-model-detail-august birthstone by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-white-cz-stone-medieval-band-model wearing a large cocktail statement promise ring
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band february birthstone large cocktail ring with a statement
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band-on model cocktail statement rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model large cocktail statement rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-purple-amethyst-stone-medieval-engagement-band-in-box coctail and statement rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-green-peridot-stone-medieval-engagement-band August birthstone rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-green-peridot-stone-medieval-engagement-band-side-view august birthstone rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-studded january birthstone rings and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-5 raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-4raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-5 raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-3 january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-garnet-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail-2 january birthstone rings and promise rings by 3 rexes jewelry
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band-side-view cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band-side-view-2 cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-wedding-ring-gothic-black-onyx-cabochon-stone-medieval-engagement-band-model-detail cocktail and promise rings
raven-love-silver-ring-medieval-blue-topaz-stone-side-detail december birthstone rings
raven-love-silver-ring-medieval-blue-topaz-stone-gothic-studs december birthstone by 3rexes jewelry
womans gothic rings silver raven-love-ring-blue-topaz-stone-on-black

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  • 5
    That special ring I've been seeking

    Posted by Cat on 6th Oct 2017

    I’m the proud owner of the Raven Love in a beautiful black garnet. It’s that special, unique ring that I’ve spent a long time searching for. Tara kept great communication with me as I asked questions and made my choice. Fit for a regal dark lady who exudes strength and a touch of class. My hat is off to Tara for her fine artistic sense and to the original customer who requested that this ring be made. CAT

  • 5
    I was the first person to wear the Raven Love ring

    Posted by Jo'-Revien on 19th Sep 2017

    I approached Tara to design a custom wedding ring for me, I wanted something big & bold yet elegant. I wanted something that no one had ever seen before. Tara was wonderful to work with, she instinctively knew what I wanted & kept me in the loop throughout the process. Tara didn't disappoint. She designed the wedding ring of my dreams; the enormous size and magnificent beauty of the Raven Love Ring completely blew me away, I am still in constant awe of it's details...it's absolutely stunning, goes beyond all my expectations. I love the silver studs on the sides, they remind me of a stingray. It's oh so feminine with strong, fierce feel. Tara took my ideas & made them into something so much more striking than I could have ever imagined. It's a massive ring!!! A bold & romantic statement of love. The Raven Love Ring makes me feel like a powerful love goddess. Everyone who sees it is amazed and in awe of it's beauty. JO'-REVIEN

  • 5
    Fit for a Queen!

    Posted by Charmagne Adler on 4th Apr 2017

    This ring is gorgeous! Its literally takes my breath away whenever I look at it. Tara has a gift for jewelry like no other. I accidentally and quite stupidly damaged my stone. I sent her a note for help and within that day had an answer of her wonderful help. Thanks Tara for being so caring. The love shows in your designs. CHARMAGNE ADLER

  • 5
    Seller was fantastically accommodating! Best ever

    Posted by Jillian Wysoki on 1st Nov 2016

    Seller was fantastically accommodating! Best ever JILLIAN WYSOKI

  • 5
    Awesome ring and delivered promptly

    Posted by Anonymous on 27th Jun 2016

    I love the ring it fits perfectly so unique it's my wedding ring! And I just love it!

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